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The House of Africa

The House of Africa contains many pieces of African culture.  Almost all of these were donated by the African embassies in Cuba.  There is artwork, sculptures, clothing, masks, and many Santería related things here.  The tour guide will show you around, explaining where everything is from and its significance.  After the museum, you will watch a performance involving singing and dancing.  At the end, the audience is invited to join.

Sign for the Casa de AfricaStatue of a Man  Clothing 

          Sign for the Casa de Africa             Statue of a Man                   Clothing

The Crowd Dancing With the PerformersThe Crowd Dancing With the PerformersThe Crowd Dancing With the Performers 

The Crowd Dancing With the Performers

A Dancing PerformanceA Dancing Performance 

A Dancing Performance

FigurinesMasksA Small Statue 

                Figurines                                 Masks                          A Small Statue

A PaintingElephant's Foot StoolSingers 

                         A Painting                Elephant's Foot Stool                 Singers

Mask of a HeadPottery Drum and Rug 

                   Mask of a Head                       Pottery                        Drum and Rug          

Scene With Animals and a Background Man 

Scene With Animals and a Background             Man              

Lion RugZebra Rug 

Lion Rug                              Zebra Rug

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