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How we made this site

A great amount of work went into making of our entry. From beginning to end, we spent hundreds of hours researching, developing articles, Java applets, graphics, and page layouts.

Our first step was to divide up the work, taking into account everyone's interests and abilities.  Soon we had split up the work and began our research.

To do our research, we first looked for web sites on Cuba.  After finding many, we put together what we found and amassed a collection of over 150.

We also all visited libraries at local universities, where we found dozens of useful books on Cuba.  We also went to bookstores to look for more modern resources.  Eventually, we had a large amount of information from which to do our research.

We began putting together information on various sections.  Everyone received a copy of each other's work, and we all contributed comments and suggestions for improvements.  Often there were delays in this due to time zone differences and school demands.

There were times when we had to communicate to plan out what our strategy would be.  This was made difficult by the time zone differences, but we would plan meeting times when one of us would get up early or stay up late so we could discuss our plan.  We used a shareware communications package called ICQREMOTE, email, and various other means of communication to keep in touch.

As we progressed, we got into setting up the site.  We began to design the pages and work on programming projects.  Team members frequently helped each other in debugging pesky programming problems.

All three of us, as well as our coach, looked over sections before we finished them.  We established a basic template, each added our own touches, and got outside opinions as well.  Once we had a set design, we added the new information to each page.

We continued on, adding new sections and deciding what to do next.  At one point, we interviewed Jorge Domínguez.  We also talk with Jon Lee Anderson at a book reading, and several other people knowledgeable about Cuba.

We used many tools in creating this site.  The web pages were done both by hand, and in HTML editors.  The graphics were created in a variety of programs.  For more information on software, see our Tools and Technologies pages.

The ThinkQuest Help Desk was extremely useful in answering questions on problems we couldn't solve. 

Perhaps the most useful resource of all was our trip to Cuba. 

In the end, we accomplished almost everything we set out to do.


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