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Welcome to the Cuban Experience! This web site covers all aspects of Cuban culture, history, and politics while also discussing the people, places, recent events, and travel opportunities that make the island unique. 

The Cuban Experience is a forum for ideas, a guide for students and scholars, a resource for researchers, and a comprehensive source of information for everyone.

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The Cuban Experience is a comprehensive guide to Cuba.  As such, it features information pertinent to many of the island's different aspects. To ensure that the site's contents are maximally accessible, we have organized them into the following sections.  Below each section are listed a few selected pages (though certainly not all!) from that section.

about this site - general information about our site
          copyright | team 18355 bios | help using the site | feedback & more...
culture - information about daily life and the Cuban people
         daily life | health care | education | governmental presence & more..
current events - the latest happenings involving Cuba
          browse news articles | discuss & debate current events | & more...
forums - discussion of general topics & links to other forums
          general topics discussion board | other discussion boards & more...
further information - guide to resources about Cuba
          add'l resources by topic | add'l resources by media type & more...
history - an in-depth, interactive look at the history of Cuba
        history timeline | important historical events | the 20th century & more..
overview - useful information for new visitors
         glossary | section summaries | introduction | site map & more...
people - learn about the people that shaped Cuban history
          1959 revolutionaries | early cuban revolutionaries & more...
places - your guide to the provinces and cities of Cuba
         explore Cuba with our interactive, java-based map | or by list & more..
politics - political issues surrounding Cuba yesterday & today
         groups/countries | current political issues | visitor opinions  & more..
simulations - an interactive way to learn about Cuba
         the cuban missile crisis | virtual tour | take the trivia test! & more..
search - look for specific information within our site.
travel - considering a trip to Cuba?  don't miss this section.
         food | shelter | attractions | museums | us travel restrictions & more...


The Cuban Experience is an interactive learning environment.  We included plenty of interactive features in this site, from the several forums for discussion, contribution, and debate, to the voting booth, a trivia contest, and two simulations for you to explore.  Dynamic, changing content makes learning all the more engaging, so enjoy!


The Cuban Experience is a web-based educational resource all about Cuba, created as an entry in the ThinkQuest projectREMOTE.  The Cuban Experience was created by Team 18355: David Mericle, Jacob Kitzman, and Wong Gim Teck. 
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