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One of the primary goals we had in mind while researching and developing this site was to make it as interactive as possible.  Why?  We feel that interactive features provide a more dynamic, engaging learning experience than just reading about something.  Below is a list of such interactive features in our entry.
Feedback forum (in the About section)
This provides a forum for feedback and discussion of general issues pertaining to this site.  We plan to be active participants in this forum (and all others).
Contribute to Current Events (in the Current Events section)
This feature allows users to contribute a news story to the Current Events section.  This is also a forum for discussion and debate of Cuban current events topics.
General Discussion Board (in the Forums section)
This forum provides a place for discussion of general Cuban topics as well as a place to meet other people interested in Cuba.
People Quiz (in the People section)
This feature lets users test their knowledge of Cuban historical figures.  Read up in the people section first, though, because the questions aren't easy!
Voting Booth (in the Politics section)
The voting booth features a poll for viewers to vote in.  This is a useful feature because it allows users to accurately gauge what others' views are, and which views are predominant among users.  The poll question will change periodically, and users are allowed to view past results.
Political Discussion Forum (in the Politics section)
This forum allows users to share their political views on Cuba with others, and provides a place for political debate.
The Simulations/Interactivity section contains two highly interactive features, the Cuban Missile Crisis simulation, and the Virtual Tour of Cuba.
Share your Cuba Experience (in the Travel section)
This forum allows users to share their experiences in Cuba, providing users with information from yet more perspectives.


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