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We interviewed Dr. Jorge I. Domínguez regarding some Cuban issues Dr. Domínguez, a Cuban-American, is a professor at Harvard's Center for International Affairs.  He teaches a classREMOTE on Cuba and has written numerous books on Cuba.

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You will need RealPlayer to view or listen to the interview.  RealPlayer is available free from RealNetworks at www.real.comREMOTE

Or, you can read a full, word-for-word transcript of our interview with Dr. Domiguez.

Interview Questions:

  1. In what ways have the Cuban people been negatively affected by the blockade?
  2. What types of punishments has the US government been able to take against foreign firms?
  3. Do you think Fidel Castro was justified in nationalizing US property? 
  4. How strongly are the American Government's decisions influenced by campaign contributions from exile groups?
  5. How does Cuban democracy compare to politics in other Latin American countries and how does it compare to American democracy?
  6. Why does the Cuban Government not allow other political parties?
  7. How do most Cubans view Fidel Castro?  Do they fear him, like him, and agree with his decisions?  How do views on Mr. Castro compare with those on American presidents by the American people?
  8. On the Missile Crisis: Had the US Government not tried to kill Mr. Castro, would he have accepted the missiles?
  9. Why did so many people leave Cuba after the Revolution?
  10. How did Human Rights under Batista compare with those in modern Cuba?
  11. Would Cuba be better off if the Castro Government was no longer in power?  What would the Cuban people lose and gain?
  12. Do Communist Party members in Cuba receive any large amounts of money or any other special treatment?
  13. Is the American press honest in its portrayal of Cuba and especially the Cuban Government?


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