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Frederico Laredo Brú (1875-1950)

lbruFrederico Laredo Brú was born in 1875.  He was involved in the Cuban Government, even becoming President for a period.

He had served under Jose Miguel Gómez as the Secretary of the Interior.  He also became the president of the Audencia in Santa Clara. 

In Las Villas, Colonel Brú led an opposition group to the corrupt and unpopular government of Alfredo Zayas.  They approached Santa Clara, but were sent away without much trouble.

Brú was made a member of the cabinet of Carlos Miguel de Céspedes, who later fled Cuba.

In 1936 Brú ran for the vice-presidency with Miguel Gómez, the son of José Miguel Gómez, as the president.  They won in the first Cuban election in which women voted.

That same year, President Gómez was impeached.  The trial lasted from December 22 to 24, and Gómez was voted out of power. Consequently, Brú became president.  He was almost entirely under the influence of Batista, as the Cuban government was stocked with friends of Batista.

Batista showed that he was in full control by announcing the government's new agenda. Brú was used mainly as a puppet and a figurehead, agreeing to anything Batista considered favorable.

In late 1939, elections were called for because Batista thought he could win. Brú was to remain temporarily in power while a new Constitution was created.  Batista ran for and won the presidency after doing poorly in the congress. Brú was out of power and eventually died in 1950.

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