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October, 1997

Livan Hernandez, a Cuban baseball player who defected to the United States at the age of 20, led the Florida Marlins to a World Series title.

Hernandez defected to the US and signed on with the Marlins for a large sum of money.  Of course, as a baseball player in Cuba he earned much less.

The Cuban government considers him a traitor.  However, many people in Cuba were very proud of him, especially his brother, Orlando Hernandez.  He also defected to the US, winning an even larger contract with the New York Yankees.

The Florida Marlins advanced to the National League Championship, playing the Atlanta Braves.  Hernandez pitched excellent games against the Braves, striking out many batters.

The Marlins then advanced to the World Series, where they took on the Cleveland Indians.  The Indians' batters were no match for Hernandez either.  The Marlins won, and Hernandez was named their Most Valuable Player.

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