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Mario García Menocal (1886-1941)

Mario Garcia MenocalMario García Menocal, born in 1866, fought in the Cuban War of Independence.  Later he would become the President running for the Conservative party.

During the Cuban War of Independence, Menocal commanded a group of artillery alongside Calixto García.  Together they won and took over Victoria de la Tunas.

Menocal became the police chief of Havana in 1898 and stayed on for a year.  He joined a large American sugar company later, realizing he could make more money there.  He ran the Chaparra mill, and became very wealthy.

During the Liberals' revolt, Menocal came to Havana to try and talk with Tomás Estrada Palma.  Palma refused to negotiate until the Liberals put down their guns.

In 1912 another election was coming up.  By now Zayas and Gómez were strongly opposing each other, and many important people friendly to Gómez supported the Conservatives over the Liberal Zayas.

Menocal was the Conservatives' candidate and won the election.  He was heavily influenced by Gómez and under his presidency many people stole large amounts of government money.  Menocal himself began with about a million dollars and ended his term with forty times that.

Despite the corruption, some good programs came from Menocal's government.  A currency system relating the peso and dollar was established, and all workers received insurance.

Menocal was seeking a re-election during 1916.  Great violence went on between Liberals and Conservatives and within the Liberal party.  Menocal won the election fradulent means.  The US supported him because he was US-educated and had run a US-owned mill.

In 1920, Menocal chose Zayas as his successor, and again due to cheating, Zayas won. Menocal remained active in Cuban politics for much of his life.  He died in 1941.

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