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Museum of Playa Girón

The Museum of Playa Girón showcases some artifacts and much information about the failed invasion of Cuba by exiles and the CIA.  There are machine guns, mortars, and rocket launchers, as well as a tank and airplane.

There are also biographies and photos of all 156 Cuban Government side soldiers, police, and militiamen that were killed in the country.  According to the museum, 200 invaders were killed and 1297 captured.  There are maps of the invasion course and a display on the area where the attack took place.

Museum SignDisplay on Area of Attack 

                                    Museum Sign                   Display on Area of Attack

Cuban Government PlaneExile Plane FragmentCuban Gov. Mortar 

           Cuban Government Plane                 Exile Plane Fragment            Cuban Gov. Mortar

Photo of PrisonersInvasion Route 

Photo of Prisoners                     Invasion Route

Statistics on the BattleExile Tank 

                             Statistics on the Battle                          Exile Tank

Photos of Lost Government Soldiers Heroes of Girón SignExile Weapons 

   Photos of Lost Government Soldiers        Heroes of Girón Sign           Exile Weapons

Exile Anti-Tank GunExile Machine GunExile Mortar 

                Exile Anti-Tank Gun                 Exile Machine Gun                   Exile Mortar

Machine Gun Used by Exiles 

Machine Gun Used by Exiles

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