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The Museum of the Revolution

The Museum of the Revolution may be the most impressive museum in Cuba.  Once, this magnificent building served as the Presidential Palace.  Now, it stands as a tribute to the Revolution and the events leading up to it.  Outside, there is a tank which was used by Fidel Castro to direct the troops at the Bay of Pigs.

Inside the museum, there is a long history of the struggle.  There are many models of battles, newspaper clippings about the Revolution and the times that came after, and equipment used by the revolutionaries.  Also outside is the ship the revolutionaries came over on, the Granma.

The MuseumA Sign 

The Museum                                A Sign

Camilo Cienfuegos and Che GuevaraCountries Cuba Has Relation With 

             Camilo Cienfuegos and Che Guevara   Countries Cuba Has Relation With

Model of a BattleQuote From Fidel 

Model of a Battle                   Quote From Fidel

A Guard Cuban Government Plane From Bay of Pigs Attack Cuban Government Plane From Bay of Pigs Attack 

             A Guard                   Cuban Government Plane From Bay of Pigs Attack

The GranmaMissile Launch that Downed Plane During Cuban Missile Crisis 

                       The Granma     Missile Launch that Downed Plane During Cuban Missile Crisis

Truck Used in Presidential Palace AttackM-26-7 HatGuns From the Granma 

Truck Used in Presidential Palace Attack             M-26-7 Hat           Guns From the Granma

Máximo Gómez CurrencyOrtodoxo Party Display 

Máximo Gómez Currency          Ortodoxo Party Display

Model of MoncadaPrison Terms for AttackersRebel Uniforms 

                          Model of Moncada      Prison Terms for Attackers          Rebel Uniforms

Mothers' Protest A Display 

                                 Mothers' Protest                             A Display

Presidential Office DescriptionPresidential OfficePalace History Room 

         Presidential Office Description              Presidential Office              Palace History Room

Batista CharacterReagon  CharacterBush Character 

Characters of Batista, Reagon, and Bush

Che RoomPosters of CheSpecial Period Room 

                    Che Room                                Posters of Che             Special Period Room

Bay of Pigs PosterRevolution Poster 

Bay of Pigs Poster                    Revolution Poster

Sugar Statistics Fidel's Bay of Pigs Tank 

         Sugar Statistics                    Fidel's Bay of Pigs Tank