The Cuban Experience:

Learn about the people that formed Cuban history. Read about those who hoarded her resources, others who fought for her freedom, and the leaders who will bring Cuba into the 21st century.

The Cuban Experience takes you through the time of Spanish control, looking at the leaders behind a reign that was hated by the Cuban people and still brings forth strong feelings among many Cubans..

This section goes on to highlight 
leaders of various revolutionary movements, many of whom gave their lives for Cuba's freedom.

Also examined are Cuba's many presidents throughout the past two centuries.

Lastly, this section takes an in-depth look at the
revolutionaries who in 1959 brought to power the Cuban government that has survived to this day.

Valeriano Weyler

Máximo Gómez

Fulgencio Batista

Fidel Castro

 Important Cuban People
The Cuban Experience
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