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This page lists people who gave us permission to use their photographs on this site.  Most of the photos used here come from our collection; we took more than 500 photos while in Cuba

Most of the images of people are photos of photos from museums in Cuba.  The images of places are mostly ours, and the maps were redrawn for this project.  However, a few images, especially historical and some pictures of people, were gathered from other sources.

  1. Images of Che Guevara at che_guevara_photos.html from Russian Che Guevara Page,,REMOTE Andrey Skourikhin,,REMOTE May, 1998.  Email message.
  2. Photos of Fidel Castro at fidel_castro_photos.html from Fidel Castro en Internet,,REMOTE Hector Velarde,,REMOTE May 1998.  Email message.
  3. Photos of José Martí at jose_marti_photos.html from Alfredo Hernandez's Web Site,,REMOTE Alfredo Hernandez,,REMOTE April 1998.  Email message.
  4. Photos of José Martí at jose_marti_photos.html from CubaFest LA,,REMOTE Peter,,REMOTE April 1998.  Email message.
  5. Various photos of people and places in People section and section banners from CubaNet,,REMOTE Omar J. Gallaso,,REMOTE April, 1998.  Email message.
  6. Photos of Martí, Maceo, and Gómez at jose_marti_photos.html, antonio_maceo_photos.html, and maximo_gomez_photos.html from Free Cuba Foundation,,REMOTE John Suarez,,REMOTE April, 1998.  Email Message.
  7. Many photos of people from Microsoft Encarta and Bookshelf '95,,REMOTE Encarta Schoolhouse,,REMOTE May, 1998.  Email message.
  8. Christopher Columbus Photos at christopher_columbus_photos.html from Christopher Columbus Site, Ellen Larsen,,REMOTE May, 1998.  Email message.
  9. Photos of Che Guevara at che_guevara_photos.html from The Che Guevara Page,,REMOTE Malte,,REMOTE May, 1998.  Email message.
  10. Various photos of landscapes used in section banners from Mary's Home Page,,REMOTE Mary Overby,,REMOTE April, 1998.  Email message.

This entire site, except for licensed resources, Copyright (c) 1998 by Team 18355. All rights reserved. Continued use of this site constitutes acceptance of the terms and policies contained herein.