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Plaza de la Revolución

The famous Plaza de la Revolución is the site of Fidel Castro's speeches.  Not only are they nationally televised, but often a million people cram into the Plaza to listen.  There is a gigantic monument to José Martí with a 426 foot tall tower and a smaller statue.  The National Library, National Theater, many government ministries, and other buildings are located in the Plaza.

The National Library and the Marti MemorialMinistry of Communications 

       The National Library and the Martí Memorial    Ministry of Communications

Marti StatueMarti MemorialChe on the Ministry of the Interior 

                        Martí Statue                 Marti Memorial    Che on the Ministry of the Interior

Plaza de la RevolucionMinistry of the Interior 

                           Plaza de la Revolucion                       Ministry of the Interior

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