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Respect for the Environment

There is a great respect for the environment in Cuba.  The Cuban Government has taken steps that, if the planet is to survive, must be emulated by other nations.

Much of Cuba's positive environmental actions came from economic necessity, rather than solely environmental planning.  However, improving the environment was a concern from the first days of the revolution.  Like all countries, Cuba faces environmental problems as well.

In the days of Soviet aid, Cuba had an agricultural system that relied heavily on chemicals.  With them no longer available, Cuba has developed the world's most intense plan to change over to organic farming.

Crop rotation, organic fertilizers, and pest management are common in Cuba.  Cuba is learning today what the world will have to learn in the future.

Much of Cuba's power supply no longer comes from burning fossil fuels, which harms the environment.  This too was a result of the end of oil supplies from the USSR. 

Cuba has problems with pollution as well.  Havana Bay is horribly polluted, and Eastern European buses let off huge amounts of pollution every day.

The Cuban Government has made significant voluntary progress in the environmental area.  In less than 15 years, the Cuban Government nearly doubled the amount of forrested space in Cuba.  Few other countries have seen their tree population actually increase in recent years..

A Botanical GardenThe Government has also created national parks, nature reserves, biosphere reserves, and botanical gardens.  Wetlands and the animals living there are also protected.


In the cities, small grassy areas are fenced off, accompanied by signs asking people to respect the environment.  There are many parks with trees, and residential areas have sidewalks embellished with large trees.



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