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Revolutionary Progress and Feelings on it

Although it has had many enemies, and certainly a large number of failures, the Cuban Revolution has improved Cuban society in many ways as well.  Most Cubans recognize this and many support the Revolution.

The Cuban Revolution brought to everyone free health care, a free college education for those who want it, free food, free housing, and an end to racism and crime. 

It is now appearing not to have solved the problem of dependence on foreign capital and the problems, such as prostitution, that this brings.  However, before the Revolution there were more than 100,000 prostitutes in Havana alone, and the current level doesn't even compare with that.

Most Cubans in Cuba support the Revolution.  In an independent poll conducted during 1994, one of the worst times in Cuba since the revolution, 58% of Cubans said the Revolution has had more successes than failures.

When asked about themselves, 69% of Cubans said they were either Communists, Socialists, or Revolutionaries.  Ninety percent agreed the Revolution had eradicated racism, and 76% said they were satisfied with their lives.

However, there are Cubans who aren't happy with the Revolution.  Most vocal are the Miami Cubans, many of whom left after the Revolution.  Many of them were part of wealthy families who feared they would lose their wealth to a revolution "of the humble."

There are also those in Cuba who are unhappy.  Driving back to our hotel one day, a taxi driver commented, "I don't want the President, I don't want the Government, and I don't want the Revolution."



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