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Rosenburg Memorial Ceremony

Today is the 45th anniversary of the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenburg.  There is a monument commemorating their death right outside of the Plaza de la Revolución.  As a result of the anniversary, a small ceremony is being held. 

A few guests speak after the Cuban national anthem is played.  Flowers are also placed next to the statue, and those gathered speak after the ceremony. 

The monument, on top, bears the final words of Julius Rosenburg, "For peace, bread, and roses, we face the executioner."  On the bottom, it reads, "Murdered, June 19, 1953."

The Flag and Memorial FlowersMan Leaving FlowersThe Memorial 

  The Flag and Memorial           Flowers          Man Leaving Flowers       The Memorial

The Cuban FlagThe MemorialGuests at the Ceremony 

            The Cuban Flag                        The Memorial               Guests at the Ceremony

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