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Salvador Cisneros Betancourt

scbetanSalvador Cisneros Betancourt was involved in the 10 Years' War.  He served as the head of the civilian government established by the revolutionaries.

When difficulties arose for the revolutionaries, Carlos Manuel De Céspedes received most of the blame.  He was the leader of the Cuban forces, but was removed from power by the revolutionary House of Representatives.

Salvador Cisneros Betancourt was the man they chose as the replacement President.  He lived in Camagüey where he farmed cattle.  The majority of those who joined him as the new revolutionary leaders were planters.

He later took over for José Martí as the rebels' provisional president during the War of Independence.  He did not have much power in this job, as most of the decisions were being made by those who commanded the revolutionary armies.

After U.S. intervention and the Spanish-American War ended the Cuban War of Independence, Salvador Cisneros Betancourt and other Cuban leaders held a Constitutional Convention to form the new Cuban government.

At that time, Cuba was being occupied by the United States.  American General Wood was in control of Cuba.

A very important part of the debate going on between Cuban leaders was over the incorporation of the Platt Amendment into the Constitution.  Cisneros was a part of the majority that eventually voted in favor of it, leading to the establishment of the Cuban Government.

Cisneros told Cuban general Máximo Gómez that he should replace another general, José Maceo.  Cisneros also asked Gómez to cut his ties with Antonio Maceo, one of the best generals among the Cuban forces.  Gómez asked Antonio Maceo for assistance, but Maceo was killed coming to his aid.

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