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sspiritprovminimapSancti Spíritus province, located almost exactly in the middle of the island, is one of Cuba's main tourist attractions. The province is also an important contributor to Cuba's sugarcane production, with wide fertile valleys and a moist climate.  The province's capital city, Sancti Spíritus, is one of the original seven cities founded by the Spanish when they came across the island.

sslandscTourists are attracted to Sancti Spíritus for more than the usual reasons.  While its southern coast does feature some of the most stunningly beautiful beaches on the island, Sancti Spíritus also attracts a fair number of foreigners for its numerous historic sites. Much of the tourist traffic heads south through the province, admiring the landscapes and wildlife.  The province's single greatest tourist attraction is probably the city of Trinidad.  Unlike many other colonial cities in Cuba, Trinidad has been exceptionally well maintained and provides a visitors with a rich experience of what colonial life under the Spanish must have been like.

The province's geography is primarily small foothills, with narrow plains running along both the northern and southern coasts.


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