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sdcprovminimapSantiago de Cuba is one of the more culturally fascinating provinces in Cuba, particularly with the lively capital city of Santiago de Cuba.  Due to the An African influence is seen throughout this province's culture, perhaps even as much as in the province of Granma.

Santiago de Cuba features some of the island's most rugged terrain thanks to the Sierra Maestra mountain range, which runs not far inland of the province's coast.  It was in these uncharted sectors that Fidel Castro's rebels set up many of their hidden strongholds while building outward their base of support among the population.

The province's capital city, Santiago de Cuba, is the second largest Cuban city with a population of 375,000.  Its many cultural and historic attractions, as well as the beautiful terrain just outside the city, make it the third most popular tourist destination in all of Cuba. 

There's very little to see outside the capital city; the rest of the province is sparsely populated and mainly agricultural, where the land will support such means of living.



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