Basic Topics:

The search engine provided in The Cuban Experience site will only search within our site and cannot search outside of our site.  Use an Internet search engine such as HotBotREMOTE, AltaVistaREMOTE, or InfoSeekREMOTE if you wish to search the entire Internet. 

To search our site, type a word or phrase into the text box on the Search Our Site page.  Pages containing ANY of the words you entered will be returned in a list form.  To restrict your search, for example to return only pages containing ALL of the words you entered, use Boolean Operators (explained below).

Note - because of server restrictions and the size of our site, searches may take up to 45 seconds to complete.  Please be patient. 

Advanced Topics:

Boolean Searches: Boolean searches are helpful in restricting or expanding the documents returned by a search.  The boolean operators supported by this search engine are: AND, NOT, OR.  To use an operator, put it before the word it is to affect.  (e.g. "fidel and castro not raul") 

By default, if no boolean operators are used, a default operator of OR is assumed, so searching for "fidel castro" is equivalent to "or fidel or castro", which would return pages containing either the word fidel, the word castro, or both.

Case Sensitivity:  Words entered in all lowercase are not considered to be case sensitive searches, so if you search for "fidel", the search engine will return pages containing "fidel", "Fidel", "FIDEL", etc...  However, if you use case in your search, for example by searching for "fideL", the search engine looks specifically for "fideL", and will not return pages containing "Fidel", "fidel", or other case combinations.

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