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Street of Embassies

On the street of embassies, you will find many embassies of countries that have relations with Cuba.  Most countries do, but some that are strong trading partners choose to build larger embassies in positions closer to the main part of the city.  You won't find a US wmbassy here.  Instead of running embassies, the United States and Cuba each have an Interests Section in each other's country.

Angolan EmbassyPoster for AngolaEgyptian Embassy 

                Angolan Embassy                         Poster for Angola                 Egyptian Embassy

Belgian EmbassyEuropean Commission 

Belgian Embassy                     European Commission

Embassy of Ghana Embassy of the Phillipines 

Embassy of Ghana                    Embassy of the Phillipines

Sidewalk in the StreetSwiss Embassy 

Sidewalk in the Street                      Swiss Embassy

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