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Team 18355

Our team consisted of three members: David Mericle, Jacob Kitzman, and Wong Gim Teck.  We also had a team coach.  Our team consists of people from two continents, and while this caused some difficulties, it also enriched our project and provided valuable lessons in coordination and collbaoration.

The team was assembled through ThinkQuest's team maker service.  We entered the contest, had our plan approved, and immediately began working on this site.

Due to the time zone differences, collaboration was somewhat difficult.  It was also necessary to keep an up-to-date copy of each other's work so we didn't work on the same things.

We often discussed the site early in the morning or late at night to overcome the time differences.  These discussions were essential in coordinating our efforts and ensuring we could work as a team.

Computer differences were also a problem.  We did not all have room for each other's files, and had to find ways to divide up the site and put it all together in the end.  Also, certain software titles wouldn't work on all computer systems. Our greatest difficulty was with the video; we had to try many different configurations on both David's and Jacob's computers before we could load the video onto the site.

However, there were many ways in which we were able to work together to develop our project.  We were able to use communications programs to collaborate on page design in real time.

The team also shared work and knowledge.  From reading so much material, each of us gained a large amount of knowledge on Cuba.  When one of us was confused, another teammate could usually provide an explanation. We were able to use each other's writings to gain a more complete understanding of the topic, and to see how our area of work fit into the overall subject.

We also wanted to make use of the diverse circumstances confronting our team.  Two of us spoke Spanish, one Chinese, and two of us had visited Cuba.

This opened up the whole team to materials printed in English, Spanish, and Chinese.  We had different libraries to go to where we could help find resources another teammate needed.  This proved helpful when the information one of us had was insufficient.

Our trip to Cuba was also of tremendous use.  David and Jacob were each able to explain Cuban culture and life much better, and shared what they learned in Cuba with Jim.  We were also able to share our interview by transcribing the video and putting it on the server.

If you would like to contact any of us, please head over to our Contact Information page.

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