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1762: The British Occupation of Cuba

In 1762, during the Seven Years' War, Britain declared war on Spain.  The Cubans, anticipating the British attack, prepared to defend themselves.

On June 6, nearly 200 British ships and 14,000 soliders converged on Havana.

Gaining a point of high altitude, the British attacked Morro Castle.  Not long after, the British were able to take the fort with the help of nearby backups and soldiers from the Thirteen Colonies.

From the Castle, which overlooks the Havana, and other strategic positions, the British bombarded Havana.  Huge numbers of shells destroyed buildings and killed many residents.

The Cubans surrendered and the British took Havana.  Though the Cubans were billed $15 million, they were well treated by the British.

Cuba remained in British hands for nearly eleven months.  Unlike Spain, Britain allowed Cuba to trade with all countries.  Many Cubans prospered during these times and when the Spanish returned, they were eventually forced to allow Cubans to trade with other nations as well.

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