The Cuban Missile Crisis

Welcome to the Cuban Missile Crisis Simulation.  This simulation will allow you to take on the roles of any of three national leaders and make the decisions they had to make.  Keep in mind, only one of these things really happened so the other results are basically speculation based on research we have done.  For that reason, we suggest you also pay a visit to the Cuban Missile Crisis page in our history section.

Playing the simulation is very easy.  You will be taken to the page of the first decision.  You then choose the number corresponding to your choice.  Based on what you choose to do, you will be given another issue that comes up.  Again, you must decide what to do.  Eventually, your actions will cause something to happen, and you will reach a result page. 

As you play, you can click on any of the background information links to get a better idea of who your character is and what their priorities are.

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To begin playing the simulation, click on the names of a government leader below.  Fidel Castro is the President of Cuba, John F. Kennedy was the President of the United States, and Nikita Khrushchev was the premiere of the Soviet Union.

Fidel Castro John F. Kennedy Nikita Khrushchev