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1933: the Sergeants' Revolution

Shortly after the Revolution of 1933, another revolution overthrew Cuba's government.

The sergeants had been closely allied with Machado.  They feared mistreatment from Céspedes as a result and salary cuts for them and the soldiers.

A conspiracy came about involving a few sergeants and soldiers.  Captain Torres Menier was asked to join in, but instead went to investigate the conspiracy.  Menier met Fulgencio Batista, one of the collaborators, who demanded better treatment of enlisted men.

Batista took control of Campamento Columbia, then left for the other barracks.  He spoke to the soldiers, criticizing the U.S. Government and the problems in Cuba.  Many listened and supported him.

Students from the university pledged their support for Batista, as did others who had been excluded from the new government.

The students elected Dr. Ramón Grau as President.  Soon, other student groups also accepted him.  The officers were all forced to take refuge at the Hotel Nacional, and Céspedes fled the country.  Batista had emerged as the leader of the Revolution, and would control Cuba for most of the next 25 years.

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