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Tools and Technologies

Our team made use of many different technologies and tools in the creation of this site.  We used a wide variety of software for creating the pages, the graphics, the interactive features, and for communicating with each other.

Software Packages
NetObjects Fusion 3.0
We used Fusion to develop many of the pages in this site.  We chose to use an visual HTML editor on some pages because we wanted to cut down on page development time so that we could include more content.
Allaire HomeSite 3.0
We used HomeSite for programming and HTML.  Much of this site, including all of the main sectional-level pages, were developed in HomeSite.
Adobe Photoshop 5.0
Photoshop was our tool of choice for graphic creation and editing. We developed all of the small images in it as well as large page banners.  We also used Photoshop to edit photos from our trip, photos of people, and images from other sources.
The videos on this site can be viewed in a RealPlayer.  We made them streamable by using RealPublisher.
Internet Explorer 4.0
We used IE 4 to visit hundreds of other web sites while doing research on Cuba.  We also tested the site in it.  IE4 seems to render the pages on our site more accurately than any other browser; it wins our recommendation for site viewing.
Netscape 4.0
We reviewed the site in this version to make sure it was usable for Netscape 4.0 users. 
Netscape 3.0
Netscape 3.0 is a still a very popular browser package; we took special care to ensure that all pages and Java applets were correctly layed out in this package.
Netscape 2.0
Netscape 2.0 was used for testing the site; we realize that some users are obligated by older hardware setups to run older software as well.  We hope that by using older editions of Netscape to test our site, we have made it possible for most everyone to view it.
Mirabilis ICQ
We used ICQ to communicate, chat, exchange files, and discuss what we had accomplished on the project.
Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook 98
Our primary email program was Outlook Express.  We used it to exchange many files and keep each other up to date on our progress.
Microsoft Word 95 and Lotus Word Pro 97
In doing our research, we typed many articles.  Word and WordPro were used in this process.
Manual upkeep of our site structure was performed using this program.
Microsoft's Visual J++ 1.1
We used this Java programming environment and compiler, provided on a trial basis from Microsoft, to create the various Java applets and technologies used throughout the site.

HTML was of course used in every page.  Some pages were created in a visual HTML editor, while others were hand-coded.
We used Java in such areas as the iTimeline and iMap applets.
Gnu C
++ was used in many programming projects on this site.
We used RealMedia to provide streaming video.
Perl was used extensively in CGI programming roles throughout the site.

This entire site, except for licensed resources, Copyright (c) 1998 by Team 18355. All rights reserved. Continued use of this site constitutes acceptance of the terms and policies contained herein.