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April, 1998

Cuba, at one time 90% forrested, now expieriencing overall reforestation.

Before the Revolution, only 13.5% of the forested area was left.  Since then, widespread efforts have been made to restore the tree population.

The newest program hopes to support families and create new treed areas.  Families are given an area of land, housing, cattle and seeds.

These families are expected to ensure the trees grow and stay healthy.  They can also raise their cattle and grow crops on the land.

The program is expected to last until 2015.  By then, the program's coordinators hope that Cuba's tree coverage percentage will have increased to 27%.

With this and other such programs, Cuba can count itself among the few countries to see an increase in forrested area in recent years.  Many developing nations are forced by economic necessity to sell timber to wealthier nations who wish to maintain their own tree populations by importing timber.

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