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American Annexationism and Imperialism
Back during the days after the Spanish-American War, many Americans wanted to make Cuba a part of the United States.  Others objected, and Cuba eventually earned its official freedom.

CIA Operations
Ever since the early days of the Cuban Revolution, the CIA has maintained a presence in Cuba.  They have made dozens of attempts to undermine the Cuban government, from plans to assassinate Castro, to supporting anti-Castro groups, to killing crops.

Current American Attitudes
Today, many Americans still have opinions on Cuba.  The majority have adopted the views of their government, and few are in favor of Cuban President Fidel Castro.

Unequal Treatment?
The recent trip to China by President Clinton further showcased the difference in the way the United States treats countries with different economic systems.  Cuba is still blockaded while other countries are traded with.

US Business/Mafia Control In Cuba
In the days when Fulgencio Batista was in power, American business and Mafia interests had large amount of control over Cuba.  It was a time of great prosperity for the American-supported upper class.

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