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July, 1996

The United States government has denied entry into the US to a variety of executives and shareholders under the Helms-Burton act.

They are all connected with Sherritt International, a Canadian mining company that is doing business in Cuba.  The United States established the law to discourage foreign companies from doing business with Cuba because the Cuban Government nationalized American property after the Revolution.

Internationally, the Helms-Burton Act has met with strong opposition and widespread outcry.  Opponents of the act wereoutraged at this latest action.  A section of the law prevents the families of those involved in Sherritt International from going to Cuba.  They also consider the law to be extraterriorial - an attempt to illegally enforce U.S. law stretching outside of U.S. territory.

Canadians angry that the US had denied visas to the families were planning a boycott of Florida.  They hoped that would get the US to back down.

The law is not causing Sherritt International to reduce their trade with Cuba; on the contrary they will continue to do business with the Cuban government.  A Sherritt International spokeswoman, Patrice Best, stated that the U.S. actions are, "... offensive to us and ... offensive to Canadians."

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