Want to see what Cuba is really like?  This simulation will give you a guided tour of Cuba so you can see this country, its people, and how they go about their daily lives.  Through photos and explanations of what you're seeing, you will get a better understanding of this amazing island.

The tour focuses mainly on Havana.  There is also a trip to a countryside camp and several small towns.  We'll show you where tourists go and where they don't.  You'll see the varying culture from place to place and the activities occurring.

Each page in the tour offers photographs and information about the area or event.  There are many different types of places to visit, we suggest you stop by all of them.  You will see a beautiful botanical garden, several museums, a small developing community, a street of embassies, and much more.

When you begin the tour, you'll start your first day.  There will be various activites for you taking you to several places.  Choosing one of the day's options will take you to a page with photos and information about that activity.

When you are done with the daily activities, move on to the next day.  Visit all the places you want there, then continue your trip.  There are a total of five days in your trip.  You can always return to activities you missed.

All of the photos are from our trip to Cuba, on which this virtual tour is in some part based.  We took over five hundred photos and have made all of them available on various parts of this site.   If you are interested in travelling to Cuba, visit our Travel section. 

Your trip will start on June 18 and last for six days.  To begin the virtual tour, click on the link below.  You can choose to quit at any time to return to the home page of this site.

Day 1

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