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Work Camp

Your first stop today is at an international work camp.  Brigades from all over the world come here to help work in the citrus fields.  Cubans also come here to work.  Oranges are grown, and they require much caring.  When the oranges are still growing, weeds must be pulled out of the ground and vines pulled off of the orange trees. Later in the season, the oranges must be picked.  At the camp, there is a kitchen, nightly entertainment, and a small store.

Welcome SignEntrance of the Camp 

Welcome Sign                        Entrance of the Camp

Mural With QuotesPatria or Muerte! Sign 

Mural With Quotes                   Patria or Muerte! Sign

Solidarity With Cuba, Painted RockSingers 

                     Solidarity With Cuba, Painted Rock                 Singers

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