Table Of Contents

  Characteristics of a Virus
    - Evolutionary History
    - Vaccines
    - Discovery of the Virus
  Viral Infections
    - The Host
    - How Viruses Infect
    - Types of Infections
    - What's an Infection?
  Beyond Viruses: Viriods
  Virus Research
  Infection Prevention

There are no miracle drugs against viruses. However, there are a few antiviral that have been developed, but they don't come close to being as effective against viruses are antibiotics are against bacteria. Vaccines are currently the best medical option available in preventing and treating viral infection. We are still far away from finding effective medical treatments against these diseases.

The good news is that most of the effective preventive measures aren't related with medicine at all. For example, the best way to prevent blood related viruses such as HIV is to:

  1. Practice safe sex.
  2. Don't be involved in sharing needles.
  3. Avoid having contact with an infected person's blood without proper protective measures.
Plus, the biggest advancement we have against fighting any disease, not just viral ones, comes from the invention of the... toilet! Yup! Sanitation is the best method we have of protecting humans. Most of these diseases plague poor third world countries where sanitation is not very good. While most of the U.S. are relatively sanitary, with our sewer systems, clean water, etc., parts of this country as well as other industrialized nations are also faced with similar sanitation problems. As long as these places exist, viruses and other diseases will continue to be a problem for the human race. These Hidden Killers will continue to stalk.
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