The profile of your doctors

Dr. Begely

Dr. Begely graduated from The Hidden Killer's Institue of Virology (HKIV) and has been a free lance educator for years. Her job is to teach students and other teachers about viruses. She also gives seminars and lectures when asked by pharmaceutical and other biotech companies.

Dr. Begely believes that the best way to make sure you learn something is to apply what you learn. Thus, sometimes, she'll test you by intentionally saying something incorrect to see if you can apply what you know and correct her.

Dr. Shelly

Dr. Shelly is the head of a large biotech firm called VirVac Co. which makes vaccines. They are also the leading institution developing new vaccines to combat viruses.

He belives in educating students as early as possible about virology. Hopefully, they will persue a career in virology in the future and even possibly work for his company. Dr. Shelly also likes to help adults understand about viruses and vaccines that his company makes so they can better prepare for the possibility when they might be infected by a deadly virus.

He has generously donated some of his busy schedule to be one of your guides.

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