Here is your first task...

You have been presented with some unidentified pathogens. Your task is to try and identify them with the help of the two doctors and your knowledge of Virus Basics, determine whether or not these pathogens are viruses.

A very noticeable characteristic of the first pathogen is its size.

When the pathogen was placed under microscope it could be seen, but it was still incredibly small.

Dr. Begely: Well, it was extremely small under the high powered microscope. We almost couldn't make it out... I'm certain it's a virus. There are no other such things on Earth this small... it's unmistakably a virus.
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Dr. Shelly: No, this is definitely not a virus. It showed up under the microscope... if it were viral, it would have been too tiny to see at all. Electron microscopes were created for this reason... we needed a way to see the viruses hiding between lig ht waves.
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Hmm... well we've got a strong affirmation and a strong denial of this microbe's viral classification. They can't both be right... which doctor has his/her facts straight?

 I agree with Doc Begely. Some of the largest viruses can been seen under the microscope faintly.

 Doc Shelly has his facts straight, this is definitely not virus material.