Doctor for a day

Here's your chance to be a doctor for a day! You have been assigned head of your ward. Since you are new to the job, you'll be having two other doctors connected via video conferencing to help you. They are Doctor Begely, and Doctor Shelly. (click here for see their profiles)

Unfortunately... they aren't always correct. Like most humans, they do make mistakes. And, like most doctors, they sometimes contradict each other. So listen to their advice but keep your mind open. Be critical.

Another warning. Sometimes in real life, there are more than one right answer to a problem. Sometimes, there are more than one correct way to approach a problem too. This simulation will reflect that. If you pick the wrong answer, you may press the back button to try the question again. Preferably, you should look in the information on this web page to see exactly why you were wrong.

So, chose your options carefully... and good luck.


Disclaimer: This game is just for fun. It's not totally realistic, but all the facts used are completely true. All characters are completely fictional and any resemblence to real life people is purely coincidental.