Ok, so you've spent time studying and reading about viruses and now it's time for some fun!! Here are some games you can play....

Doctor for a day

Be a doctor for a day! This role playing game will challenge what you really know about viruses. The good news is... all the information you need to beat the game is in our web site!

Text version | Audio version | Video version |

To listen to the doctors talk in the audio version, you must be able to play .wav files or have real audio.
To see the doctors in the video version, you must have real video.

If you don't have real audio or real video, get then get them here!

Download the realplayer which allows you to listen to real audio and see real video.REMOTE

Vocabulary Quiz

Oh.. so you think you know your virus lingo like no one else... let's see shall we?

Virus Vocab