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This site is broken down into four main sections.

Virus Basics:
This is where you'll find general information about viruses such as, what defines a virus? What's the history of their existence? How do they infect cells?

Human Defenses:
Here, you'll discover how our body fights these deadly viruses. What are our defenses against the hidden killers? (We have some pretty cool artillery in our bodies.)

Virus Profiles:
Not all viruses are created equal. Find out the special histories and more of specific viruses such as the hantavirus, influenza, or the smallpox. We profile each of them here for you.

Uh-oh. Viruses are nature's creation but humans want to use them for their own malicious deeds. They want to use them as weapons - bio-weapons.

Other noteworthy sections include:

The news: where you'll find the most recent news about viruses
Virus talk: where you'll be able to talk with other people about your ideas on viruses
Games: where you get a chance to relax after an intense session of reading about viruses
Virus vocab: which can help you learn the lingo.
Feature article: a weekly/ bi-weekly article that deals more in depth with different topics that concern viruses. For example, we ask ourselves, which is more deadly, the common influenza or the Ebola virus? We sometimes even allow you to share your own opinions or to cast your vote. Plus... we might even decide to feature an article written by a student, doctor, etc. Yes! You can be a guest writer! You can show everyone that school report you got an "A" on! E-mail us your reportREMOTE, and if we think it's good, we'll post it up!
References: we didn't make up all this. We actually got it from books and stuff! Unbelievable, we know.
Cool Sites: a listing of some good sites on viruses out there on the net.

Enjoy your stay and come back often! (Or we'll send those viruses after ya! )

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