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  Marburg / Ebola
  Yellow Fever


This disease is very similar to measles but less benign and infections. It is also known as "German measles" for the research done by German scientists.

The important point worth mentioning about this disease is the fact that unborn babies are at high risk for birth defects if the mother contracts the disease during the first trimester. There is at least a 20% to 25% risk for birth defect if this occurs. This was discovered in 1941 by an Australian ophthalmologist named Norman Gregg. Initially people laughed at him.

A vaccine was developed in 1969. Before then there was about 50,000 cases a year.

 Causes/ Source

It can cause birth defects such as heart problems, deafness, language disorders, and bone lesions.

 Possible Solutions/ Treatments/ Prevention

Get vaccinated. It's usually taken as a MMR shot.

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