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General Virology

Big Picture Book of VirusesREMOTE - images of viruses classified into families by genome type.

Influenza Sequence DatabaseREMOTE - sequence database and analysis tools to aid researchers studying influenza A, B, and C viruses.

Material Safety Data Sheets for Infectious SubstancesREMOTE - health hazard information.

Viral ZoonosesREMOTE - diseases of animals that may be secondarily transmitted to man.

Virtual VirusREMOTE - between the living and dead are animated particles called viruses. No one knows where they came from or where they are headed.

Virus Databases OnlineREMOTE - includes access to The Universal Virus Database.

Viruses of Humans: General InformationREMOTE - intended for non-virologists.

What the Heck Is a Virus?REMOTE



Death in 20 DaysREMOTE - dedicated to the education of the general public about the emergence, spread, and deadly effects of the Ebola Virus.

Ebola Information - National Center for Infectious DiseassesREMOTE

Ebola Information HeadquartersREMOTE - links to information about the ebola virus.

Ebola InterviewREMOTE

Ebola Outbreaks - UpdatesREMOTE

Ebola Recommended Reading ListREMOTE

Ebola Research PaperREMOTE - by Matt Olson.

Ebola Virus - Mankind's Next Deadly ThreatREMOTE - provides information about the virus such as location, mortality rate, symptoms, how it is transmitted, and more

Ebola Virus Research PaperREMOTE - Anthony M. Musillami's ebola virus research site.

Ebola's LairREMOTE - resource containing numerous links, current events, and a essay.

Himanshu Patni's Ebola PageREMOTE

New and Emerging Infections: EbolaREMOTE

Scientific American: Shaking the Ebola TreeREMOTE - genetic analysis offers insights into the workings of a notorious virus.

Shaun's Ebola Virus PageREMOTE

University of Cape Town Ebola PageREMOTE - with outbreak news and background.

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