What has been happening lately with the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant? Is the Sarcophagus holding up and doing its job? The answers might surprise you.


Current Conditions of the Sarcophagus
Perhaps the Sarcophagus was not built to be permanent
Is the Sarcophagus in danger of collapsing?
Current Events at Chernobyl
Fires break out near the Nuclear Power Plant on the tenth aniversary of the accident
Children of Chernobyl
Ten years after the explosion, more and more children that survived the incident are developing cancer
Children who are born from parents exposed to high radiation levels may be in threat of deformities
Missing Fuel Mystery
statics from the explosion find between 10 and 50 tons of the reactor fuel unaccounted for
Where did this fuel go?
Future Plans
What lies ahead for Chernobyl?

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