[ARROW] The Current Condition of the Sarcophagus
Currently, it has been noted that the Sarcophagus is not in good shape at all. When originally built, it appeared that the concrete tomb was perceived to be less permanent. Valerii Legasov quoted the following about the Sarcophagus:

"In principle it will last for hundreds of years, but our descendants may find ways and means of moving [the nuclear] waste elsewhere or rendering it harmless. [58]"

Recent studies find the Sarcophagus covering Reactor No. 4 to be full of holes. An engineering report stated that the stone coffin would collapse in an earthquake measuring 6 or more on the Richter scale. It is estimated that an earthquake of that magnitude should hit the Chernobyl region once every century. If this were to happen, it would release large clouds of radioactive dust that could once again blow around the earth. [59]

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