With the world's greatest disaster already underway, the fight to contain and control the invisible killer was just beginning. Multiple fires, a reactor core on fire which was billowing radioactive particles into the air, citizens nearby, high radiation levels locally and worldwide, were all the ingredients of a huge disaster.


Fighting the Fire
Firefighters were the first emergency personnel on the scene
About 30 rough fires had to be extinguished, including fires on the roof of Reactor No. 3 which was still running
When radiation levels began to reach extreme highs, the order was given to evacuate cities, towns and villages near the damaged reactor
A concrete and steel coffin was constructed around the radioactive reactor to prevent further contamination of the environment
Clean-up Efforts
Radioactive particles had to be cleaned from buildings and roads
Many movable objects were buried in concrete pits
Medical Response
The medical on-site reponse was minimal
The nurses station at the site was found deserted and even locked

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