[ARROW] Agriculture and Livestock Effects
The main economic cost of the Chernobyl explosion was from the effect the fallout had on the agriculture. Enormous amounts of milk in Poland, Hungary, Austria and Sweden were made unusable by the contamination from radioiodine and radiocesium. Also many countries across Europe had numerous amounts of vegetation burned because of contamination. Because of the contamination a ban on many agricultural goods was placed in Eastern Europe. The longest effect the radiation had was on the reindeer and sheep in Sweden. The sale of milk, meat, many fruits and vegetables was banned in 1986 and 1987 in the Russian markets of Kiev, Chernigov, Minsk, and other smaller cities and towns. The cost of this ban in Russia totaled 11 billion roubles. The agricultural effects will continue to last for many years after the health effects cease. Another aspect of the agricultural impact is the eventual health effect it has with the consumption of contaminated food. [43] The contaminated livestock was also affected as much as the vegetation. When the initial evacuation occurred, 86,000 head of cattle were evacuated also. [44] A major effect on the livestock was mutation. Below is an excerpt of a corespondent for Moscow News:

" At the animal farm of the Petrovsky collective farm I was shown a suckling pig whose head looked like that of a frog: instead of eyes there were large tissue outgrowths with no cornea or pupil. 'They usually die soon after birth but this one has survived.'" [45]

Picture-7 One of the first calves to experience mutations. This calf has a cleft lip.
[Mutated cow with a cleft lip]

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