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Chernobyl affected the health of many people throughout Russia. Altogether the total number of fatalities caused by Chernobyl stands at 31 officially. Around 600,000 however were classified as being "significantly exposed" and will have their health monitored their whole lives. Twenty-four people were disabled by the accident, some so severely they were left as invalids for the rest of there lives. Two-hundred thiry-eight people have suffered acute radiation syndrome. This was updated later in 1988 at a conference in Kiev . At the conference the estimates were updated and around 50,000 people had received 50 rad (0.5 Gy) and about 2,000 people have received around 200 rad (2 Gy). Note that an exposure of about 100 rad will cause symptoms of radiation sickness. The total number of people that were in this classification is somewhere around 10,000. [41] The official report on the number of cancer effects is as follows as prescribed by the International Nuclear Safety Advisory Group (INSAG) of the IAEA:

"The spontaneous incidence of all cancers (for 135,000 evacuees) would not be likely to increased by more than about 0.6%. The corresponding figure for the reMAINing population in most regions of the European part of the Soviet Union is not expected to exceed 0.15% but is likely to be lower, of the order of 0.03%. The relative increase in the mortality due to thyroid cancer could reach 1%. The number of cases of impairment of health due to genetic effects may be judged not to exceed 20-40% of the excess cancer doses." [42]
Picture-6 The corridor of a hospital in Moscow, with victims of radiation.
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