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The total effects financially in Europe due to the ban of food imports is estimated at around $300 million US dollars. These losses, however large they may seem, are not as large as they could have been if more restrictions were placed. There was also a d efinite health loss, mostly in Central and Eastern Europe. Assessments were made of most of Eastern and Western Europe; some samples were not as accurate as others since some countries only contributed soil from their capitals. The soil samples were used to detect the amount of radiocesium, radioiodine, and radioruthenium. Below is a chart that shows the doses of radiation affecting the people throughout major European cities. [56]

Table-2 A preliminary assessment of the radiological impact of the Chernobyl reactor accident on the pollution of the European Community.
Collective effective dose
All time NRPB estimates
50-year exposure
(man-Sv or person-Gy)
American estimates

Belgium 940 880
Denmark 1,100 820
France 5,600 12,000
Federal Republic of Germany 30,000 58,000
Greece 8,500 4,700
Ireland 950 1,800
Italy 27,000 52,000
Luxembourg 42 76
Netherlands 1,200 3,400
Portugal 2.3 low
Spain 57 low
UK 3,000 15,000

Total 78,000 148,700

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