Some Words to Know


Anubis: the jackal headed god who was the god of embalming

Bastet: the Egyptian cat god

Canopic jars: jars where they put a king's mummified remains

Carnarvan: an English lord that funded the excavation of King Tutankhamun's tomb

Carter: a famous archeologist who found Tutankhamun's tomb

Cleopatra: an Egyptian queen married to Anthony from Rome

Dynasty: A line of kings or queens in one family

Embalm: to prepare a body so that it will not decay after death

Hieroglyphic: The Egyptian alphabet and writing

Inherit: something passed down to you after someone has died

Inundation: the yearly flooding of the Nile River

Irrigation: the watering system

Loom: a weaving tool

Monument: a big statue or building to help people remember someone

Mummy: a preserved dead person usually wrapped in cloth

Nefertiti: a Egyptian goddess

Nile River: the longest in the world (4000 miles long) which was the lifeline to all that happened in Ancient Egypt

Papyrus: Egyptian paper made from papyrus reeds

Pharaoh: a king of Ancient Egypt

Rosetta Stone: a stone slab with hieroglyphics, Greek and demotic writing on it

Sarcophagus: stone box that contains the coffin or coffins

Scribe: a person who wrote things down

Shaduf: a device used to transfer water from the Nile to the irrigation canals

Shrines: special places of worship

Sphinx: an Egyptian statue with the body of a lion and the head of a man, ram or hawk

Thoth: an Egyptian god with a human figure and an iris head, the moon god