Ancient Egyptian Gods
 Name  What they stood for  What they looklike
 Hathor  love, music, dance  sundisk,cow horns on head
 Nut  sky goddess  her arch makes heaven
 Geb  earth god  he lies on ground making earth
 Osiris  god of the dead  portriated as mummified
 Seth  lord of desert, storm and violence  human body, forked tail, greyhound head
Thoth   moon god human figure, ibis head 
 Isis  Queen of gods, sister of Osiris woman with headress and sitting on throne
Ma'at   law, truth and justice  sitting with ostrich feather on head
 Ra  sun god, king of gods  falcon head, crowned with sun disk
 Amon  creator god  male figure with ram's head
 Anubis  embalmer  black jackel, or male figure, dog's head






Gods and Goddesses


Egyptians believed in gods. They believedin over 3,000 gods and goddesses. Each one stood for different things innature. Each village or town had their own gods. Egyptians loved to tellstories about their gods and goddesses.

The goddess Nut was the sky goddess whoformed heaven and her husband Geb was Earth. The god, Shu was the god ofair who held up Nut. Hathor was the goddess of love, music and dance. InThebes, she was the protector of the dead. She is shown in pictures as awoman or a crow. Amon is the creator god. He has a human figure with a ram'shead. Anubis was the god that wrapped the mummies and was in charge of embalming.He was a black jackel or a male figure with a dog's head. He holds the sceptrethat the kings and gods held. There was a god named Thoth. He was the godof wisdom and writing. Thoth's head was the shape of an ibis' head. An ibisis a bird who Egyptians thought was very wise. Ancient Egyptians loved theirgods.

Animals sacred to the gods were mummifiedjust like people.

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