Egyptians thought that people had to bemummified to live forever. They thought that after the person was dead theirsoul became different things like Ba, a bird. Egyptians saw heaven as paradise.They called heaven the Field of Reeds where people grew crops. They thoughtthe crops grew a foot taller in heaven.

Mummification is preserving the body so it won't rot away. It is also calledembalming. After the person was dead the embalmer would take out the internalorgans; intestines, lungs, stomach and liver. They were all put in fourdifferent canopic jars. After that they they washed the body and dried itout with natron [salt]. They covered the body with oils and resins. Thenfinally they wrapped the corpse tightly in linen bandages many times. Thewhole procedure took about 70 days.

The mummies were put in coffins that werewooden or plaster. Some of the pharaohs were laid to rest in golden coffins.Tutankhamun's golden coffin weighed over 200 pounds. Egyptians painted wonderfulpictures on the sarcophagus. The mummies were buried with a book of magicspells to help them through the underworld. The important people, like thepharaohs, were buried in tombs. Egyptians put things in the pharaohs' tombsthat would help them in the afterlife. They put things in there like spearsand shields to hunt, a couch to be comfortable, jewels to be rich, lotsof fancy clothes, chariots and food . Mummies are an interesting piece ofhistory.