Rosecrucian Egyptian Museum

Our class went to the Rosecrucian EgyptianMuseum in San Jose. We are studying Ancient Egypt.

There was a man named Dr. H. Spencer who collected Egyptian artifacts that came from Egypt. He started the museum in 1930. His collection grew so he needed to move to a new building. It has two stories and five galleries. It is an Egyptian style building. The museum is the largest of its kind in the western hemisphere. It houses several thousand artifacts including a copy of the Rosetta Stone. Tourists can also enter a copy of a rock tomb similiar to Imhotep's tomb. Imhotep was an adviseor to King Zoser in the 2600's B.C.

The museum is maintained by the Rosecrucian Order which originated in Egypt. This order studies the Egyptian practices of mediation, ancient philosophy, and the sciences.

They are open six days a week. This is a great place to visit.