3100-2750 B.C. Early Dynastic Period begins; Menes unites Upper and Lower Egypt and becomes the first pharaoh of Egypt. Memphis becomes first capital. Archaic Period begins. Dynasties 1 and 2.
2750-2250 B.C.   Old Kingdom or Pyramid Age begins. Re becomes chief god. Dynasties 3-6.
2650-2550 B.C.  Pyramids at Giza are built.
2560 B.C.  Khufu builds the Great Pyramid at Giza.
2250-2050 B.C.  First Intermediate Period. Dynasties 7-10 and early Dynasty 11.
2050-1650 B.C.  Middle Kingdom. Reign of Neb-hepet-Ra Mentu-hotep II. (Dynasty 11) and Dynasties 12-13. Thebes is made the capital.
2050 B.C.  Temple of Karnak is begun.
1720-1570 B.C.  Second Intermediate Period. Dynasties 14-17.
1570-1070 B.C.   New Kingdom. Temple of Karnak is complete. Temple of Luxor is built. Dynasties 18-20.
1300 B.C.  Temples at Abu Simbel are carved.
1070-665 B.C.   Third Intermediate Period. Dynasties 21-25 and early Dynasty 26.
 665-332 B.C.  Late Period. Reign of Psammetichus I (Dynasty 26) and Dynasties 27-31.
332-323 B.C. Alexander the Great. 
 323-30 B.C.  Ptolemaic Period.
30 B.C.-A.D. 330  Roman Period.